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Cosmetic Dentistry

April 8, 2022

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Dramatically Enhance the Appearance of Your Smile

At White River Dental, Dr. Aaron Strickland and associates are committed to helping patients achieve stunning smiles through customized cosmetic dentistry procedures at our Columbus, IN, office. Our advanced treatments include teeth whitening, Six Month Smiles®, ClearCorrect™, and more. Cosmetic treatments can address a wide range of dental flaws to straighten, whiten, and otherwise enhance your smile. A beautiful smile can boost your self-confidence and help you make a great first impression, no matter the situation.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the aesthetics of your smile. Although some cosmetic treatments may have benefits for your oral health as well, it primarily benefits your appearance. In general, cosmetic treatments can change the shape, position, size, and color of your teeth, depending on your individual needs. Cosmetic dentistry is highly customizable, and we can skillfully combine more than one treatment to achieve your desired results if necessary.

In general, cosmetic treatments can change the shape, position, size, and color of your teeth, depending on your individual needs.

White River Dental Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Professional Teeth Whitening: We offer Philips Zoom Whitening, and Opalescence teeth whitening, which is performed in our office. Using a professional-strength whitening gel and an ultraviolet (UV) light to activate the ingredients, we can help you achieve a noticeably whiter smile in a single appointment. We also provide you with a take-home maintenance pen so that you can extend your results.
Invisalign: The clear way to your ideal smile. Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign can help you achieve your ideal smile faster, easier, and more discretely than you ever though possible. Invisalign is a series of transparent, removable, and virtually invisible clean aligners designed to progressively straighten your teeth into their ideal position.

Porcelain Veneers: We offer traditional and minimal prep veneers. Porcelain veneers can do a lot for your smile. They can conceal intrinsic stains that do not respond to teeth whitening; transform the size and shape of your teeth; conceal minor damage such as a chip or crack; and correct minor orthodontic issues such as slightly crooked or gapped teeth. Used on any number of teeth, the custom-made shells of porcelain can accomplish everything from a small change to a dramatic transformation of your smile.

Dental Bonding: Dental bonding is a temporary but more affordable treatment option than porcelain veneers. Bonding can achieve many of the same goals as porcelain veneers, correcting small flaws for a beautiful, natural look. Dental bonding uses composite resin, the same material used for tooth-colored fillings.
Dental Crown: A crown is a “cap” customized to cover a patient’s tooth. Typically, this procedure serves to restore a tooth’s shape and size, increase its strength, or enhance performance. In a successful procedure, the crown is cemented into place, perfectly encasing the tooth for full protection. If a tooth is damaged or discolored, its appearance can be enhanced with a porcelain or ceramic crown. If a patient has a noticeable filling, a crown can be used to cover it up, too. 
Smile Makeover: If you will require more than one cosmetic treatment, we can combine procedures into a comprehensive smile makeover plan. This plan is personalized to meet your individual needs and goals. Many patients are amazed with the results we are able to achieve.

Cosmetic Dentistry E-book

In this guide you will learn about all the latest cosmetic dentistry treatments that are available. All cosmetic dentistry treatments should be carefully considered. If you are thinking about enhancing your smile, this e-book can help you decide on the treatments that may be a good fit for you.

What Philips zoom teeth whitening can do for your smile

Your smile is the way you greet the world. While you have many options for whitening your teeth, your dental professional is the best resource for whitening treatments. Only dental professionals have access to the most powerful, professional-strength whitening and can ensure your treatment is safe and your results are outstanding. Zoom is the number one patient requested professional teeth whitening brand. Professional teeth whitening with Philips Zoom is safe, pain-free, affordable and used by over 10 million people.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic treatments can have a dramatic affect on your appearance. Alone or in combination, they can help you look younger and healthier, and help put a smile on your face. Some cosmetic treatments, such as our orthodontic options, can also improve your oral health by reducing your risk for cavities and gum disease. Regardless of which treatment you choose, you will feel more confident about your smile.

Schedule Your Cosmetic Consultation

You do not have to just live with a smile compromised by cosmetic imperfections. To find out more about how our cosmetic treatments can benefit you, contact White River Dental today to schedule a consultation.

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