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Zoom Whitening: What to Know and How it Works

February 14, 2023

White River Dental offers an array of cosmetic services, including whitening. Zoom Whitening is the most advanced method of whitening in the dental community, and our hygienists are dedicated to giving you results that you will love while keeping you as comfortable as possible.



Prior to Whitening Appointment

Before completing Zoom Whitening, providers recommend having a recent teeth cleaning. Talk with your specific hygienist or doctor to get details on the recommended timeline between a cleaning and whitening session.


At your whitening appointment, your hygienist will prep your teeth and mouth for the process by covering the lips and gums. This will leave your teeth exposed, while protecting the tissue. You will also wear a lip retractor and glasses during the appointment for your protection.

Whitening the Teeth

Once all of the proper preparations have been made, the hygienist will apply the Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to your teeth. This gel works with the ultraviolet light to break down stain and discoloration. Typically, a Zoom Whitening appointment will consist of 3-4 sessions of 15 minutes with the light shining on your teeth. While the light and gel are working, you can listen to music, watch TV, or just kick your feet back and relax in the operatory.

After Completing Sessions

Once all sessions have been completed to result in the desired shade, the hygienist will remove all of the safety gear and apply a fluoride paste to reduce sensitivity. You will also receive a take home whitening kit, which will include your custom-made whitening trays.



Time of Appointment

In order to allow time for preparing the teeth, making your custom trays, and 3-4 sessions of whitening, the appointment can take anywhere from an hour and half to two hours long. This time may also vary depending on if your hygienist feels they need to polish your teeth before beginning the process.

How it Feels

While our staff is well trained on these procedures and try their best to keep our patients as comfortable as possible, this process can cause sensitivity and pain. Patients with high anxiety or low pain tolerance may struggle to get through sessions. However, our hygienists make sure to stay by your side to adjust the time and intensity of each session depending on your comfort. Staff will also send you home with products to help with sensitivity and after care instructions to avoid things that may make the discomfort worse. The sensitivity typically only lasts for about a day or two after the procedure as well.


Your hygienist will give you suggestions and instructions after the procedure to maintain the whitening. Zoom whitening has been proven to lighten teeth up to 8 shades during your appointment. With proper care and hygiene, these results may last up to 12-24 months.


For more information or to schedule your Zoom Whitening, call us at (812)514-5411!

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